Loads v2

Welcome to the Mozilla Loads Project

Mozilla Loads is a server-side tool designed to use AWS to help you load test your HTTP services, including web sockets. Built using Python, it’s goal is to give you a flexible automated solution that integrates with several popular Python testing tools.

The Loads Tools

The Loads project consists of several different tools:

There are a few repos that can help you get started using the Loads tools

Development Process

Code Contributions

This project is accepting code contributions from both inside and outside Mozilla. Code will be accepted via pull requests and the project will have a strict policy of not allowing developers to merge in their own pull requests.

Issue Management

Most of our work takes place on GitHub. We use labels and milestones in the issues sections for the individual projects and then waffle.io for an overview of issues and work-in-progress for the project.

Active issues for Loads

Waffle Columns

Issues for the project are placed in one of three columns

  • Backlog is for issues that have been submitted to the project. They cover all sorts of things from bugs that haven’t been triaged yet to feature requests to housekeeping tasks
  • Ready is for issues that have been identified as worth working on and may or may not have been assigned to someone to work on
  • Done is for issues that have been completed and closed

People and Places

The people listed below are the globally distributed team at the core of managing the Loads v2 project:


Loads v2 overview